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This clip feature the Top 10 Most Deadly animals in Africa including Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Elephants, Rhinos, Crocodiles, Wild Dogs, Hyenas, Hippos and Cape Buffalos.

This clip features some of the most amazing Leopard Hunting Attacks including Leopard Attacks Baboon Monkey, Leopard Attacks Zebra, Leopard Attacks Warthog, Leopard Attacks Deer, Leopard attacks Eagle, Leopard attacks Jackal, Leopard attacks Python Snake, Leopard attacks Porcupine (Leopard vs Baboon Monkey, Leopard vs Zebra, Leopard vs Warthog, Leopard vs Deer, Leopard vs Eagle, Leopard vs Jackal, Leopard vs Snake, Leopard vs Porcupine) Enjoy!